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The following is a list of idioms about multiplicative numbers (single, double, and triple) and their meanings.

1–2. at a single blow/stroke: with one movement

3–4. at/on the double: quickly

5. body double: someone who stands in for another, especially in a performance

6. double: two servings of an alcoholic beverage, a two-base hit in baseball, or an identical person or thing

7. double as: serve in two capacities

8. double back: return to a starting point

9–10. double bill/feature: a performance involving two works or two performers or groups of performers; a separate meaning of “double bill” refers to being charged the cost of something twice

11. double bind: a dilemma

12. double booked: committed for two events, or scheduled for two people or parties at the same time

13. double cross: an act of cheating or swindling

14. double date: socialize as two couples, or the act of doing so

15. double digits: the numbers 10 through 99

16. double down: originally, double one’s bet in blackjack; by extension, exert twice the effort

17. double dribble: use both hands to bounce a basketball, or bounce a basketball again after stopping, or the act of committing either penalty

18. double Dutch: a difficult language; also, a game of jump rope involving two ropes swung in different directions

19. double duty: said in reference to something that serves two functions at once

20. double entendre: a word or phrase with more than one meaning, one of which is obscene or sexual

21. double in brass: see “double duty” (from a reference to a musician who performs on more than one instrument during a performance)

22. double life: a life in which one assumes two identities

23. double nickels: the number 55, often in reference to a speed limit (from the value of a nickel)

24. double or nothing: a type of bet in which a person receives double the prize or nothing

25. double over: bend over, as if in laughter or in pain

26. double standard: principles or values hypocritically applied differently to different people or situations

27. double take: a reaction in which one looks twice at something or someone because one is confused or surprised

28. double talk: comments made to avoid telling the truth

29. double tap: a repeated touch, or repeated firing of a weapon

30. double time: move twice as fast, or cheat; as a noun, a rate of pay that is twice the normal rate, or a type of tempo in music

31. double trouble: a difficult person or thing, or two difficult people or things

32. double up: pair up or share; also, see “double over”

33. double whammy: an occurrence of two bad things at a time

34. double-bagger: a person considered so ugly that two nested grocery bags should be placed over the person’s face to conceal it

35. double-decker: a vehicle with two levels, or a two-layer sandwich

36. double-dipper: one who earns two salaries or collects both Social Security payments and a federal pension; also, one scoops half-eaten finger food in a dip or sauce at the risk of introducing germs

37. double-edged sword: something that might be advantageous but also dangerous

38. double-tongued: deceitful or hypocritical

39. doublespeak: deceitful or misleading language

40–41. H-E-double-hockey-sticks/toothpicks: a euphemism for the oath hell, from the resemblance of the uppercase letter l to hockey sticks or the lowercase letter l to toothpicks

42. of a single mind: in agreement

43. see double: see two of everything, as when affected by dizziness

44. single: an unmarried person, or a one-base hit in baseball

45. single file: a reference to a line of people or things, with each one standing behind another

46. single out: focus on or identify one thing

47. triple: a set of three, or a three-base hit in baseball

48. triple threat: someone talented in three areas

49. triple whammy: see “double whammy”

50. triple-bagger: see double-bagger

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